Your organisation, only better and faster

Get a structured coaching plan

Your circumstances are unique to you, even if some of your underlying challenges aren't. If you're ready to change, I can work with you to design a comprehensive coaching, training and facilitation plan to get you there.

This works if you are a small company, a team, in the public sector, a large enterprise or even a motivated group of people who want to shake up the organisation.

With all the support you need

You won't be on your own. As your coach I will be with you all the way:

  • You get a private coaching blog ( - where specific themes and challenges can be explored and discussed, and where each step of your plan can be laid out.
  • You can message me at any time, using Slack, WhatsApp, or whatever tool makes most sense to you.
  • If you want to upgrade your support, I can come on-site regularly during the coaching period, to guide, support and facilitate when you need it most.

What will we practice?

Visual work management, forming teams, managing and measuring flow, attacking queues, solving problems incrementally with minimial viable products, prioritising with cost of delay, finding ways to lower the batch size of work, improving collaboratively and experimentally, creating pull systems, using data to make better decisions, building better feedback loops and much more...

You're in good company

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