Work-based education and coaching for people who want to learn but struggle to make the time

The problem with Agile coaching

Team and group coaching is great - an external perspective with new ideas, observations, techniques and theories. Too much of it, though, is very expensive and can over-saturate teams who need some space to try what they've learned. Worse, teams can become dependent on the presence of a coach, so that the coach becomes a crutch. It's not the medicine it's the dose.

What Optimise Agility does differently

Optimise Agility offers structured coaching courses that combine self-learning, regular group-study sessions, extra on-site coaching and on-demand remote support to take people on a learning journey that offers the benefits of dedicated coaching without the demands on their time. This works for teams, managers, or any groups of people who want to really improve how they work.

This is not a methodology thing

Although the coaching and training provided by Optimise Agility covers popular methodologies and frameworks like Scrum, Kanban and SAFe that's not the half of it. Behind all these approaches are a set of first principles, concepts and trade-offs - and we will explore them all together.

Scrum Kanban Lean Feedback Loops Increments and Iterations Queues Batch Sizes Cadences Cognitive Biases Planning with Time-boxes Team Structures Story Mapping Measuring Flow Balancing Speed Against Quality

and much more...

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