Faster flow, better results, happier teams

Optimise Agility is a micro-business led by its founder and principal coach, Sean Blezard. The purpose of this company is two-fold:

  1. Help all sorts of businesses and not-for-profits to find better ways to organise around and work more effectively to fulfil their own purpose and goals – using lean, agile and systems thinking principles, techniques and methods;
  2. Make work more engaging and interesting for the people inside the organisation – nobody should go home feeling frustrated or bored.

The approach Optimise Agility takes is a mix of training, coaching, facilitation, moderation and trouble-shooting. Methodologies and frameworks have their place but they are not the point of any work you do with us – the real point is to organise around better and faster flow, create more effective feedback loops to refine your products and services, and to build cross-functional and self-organising teams that take responsibility and accountability for great results.

You won’t be the first to benefit